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Dear Adelia,

When you arrive to our hotel =C4=B1 will explain on the=
map then you can visit the Cappadocia without guide.=C2=A0

For y=
our arrival and departure transfers please inform me about the flight nu=
mbers then =C4=B1 can make your reservations. We have to make your reser=
vations in advance. Shuttle service will drop you to our =C2=A0hotel, =
=C2=A0first stop is U=C3=A7hisar Town (which is our hotel located) from=
Nev=C5=9Fehir airport you will be at the hotel around in 40 minutes. I =
will arrange your Taxi for your departure transfer and =C4=B1 will infor=
m you about the best pick up time.

in your accomodation dates the=
re is a Maraton ” Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail” and Cappadocia area =
will accomodate around 2650 people from 80 different country. in this we=
ek its hard to find a places for balloon rides. =C4=B1 have find a place=
for 2 people and price is 315 =E2=82=AC per person (=C4=B1m sorry =C4=
=B1 know it too expensive). =C4=B1 am keeping this seats for you accord=
ing to your choice =C4=B1 will make your reservations but please give me=
answers as soon as possible for the balloon ride =C4=B1 can not keep th=
e places for a long time.=C2=A0

Kind regards,
et =C3=96zk=C4=B1l=C4=B1=C3=A7

Kimden: Adelia Jenkins <adeli=
Tarih: 16 Ekim 2019 00:08=
:48 GMT+3
Kime: info@mazeofcapp=

Konu: Ynt:=E2=81=A8 booking confirm=
ation 8115970416920=E2=81=A9

Thank you for all the information! We are interested in exploring most=
ly by ourselves (without a guide) but will definitely consider the hot a=
ir balloon excursion.=C2=A0

On arrival we will opt to take the group shuttle from Nev=C5=9Fehir ai=
rport. Do we need to book in advance=C2=A0or just find the shuttle when =
we arrive=3F Will it drop us at the hotel directly, or somewhere in town=
For our return flight on October 24 we will be flying out of Kayseri a=
irport and will want to book a taxi to the airport in the morning. Our f=
light leaves at 10:30am, so we would appreciate your advice on what time=
to leave and help with booking a cab.=C2=A0
Thanks, and looking forward to meeting you.

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 1:42 AM Maze of Cappadoci=
a <> wrote:

Dear=C2=A0Adelia & Ian,

Thank you for ch=
oosing our hotel.

We=E2=80=99ll try to=C2=A0asist=C2=A0you with the arrangements=C2=A0 you=
might need in the region:

First of all let=E2=80=99s=C2=A0 inform you about the transfers we can a=

Private transfer is 80=E2=82=AC from Nev=C5=9Fehir airport, 90=E2=82=
=AC=C2=A0 from Kayseri airport( per transfer, up to 4 people). You may also=
take=C2=A0the shuttle (group transfer); 40 liras from Nev=C5=9Fehir air=
port, 50 liras from Kayseri airport per person. Also we can arrange a ta=
xi it will be 250 TL from Nevsehir airport, 380 TL from Kayseri airport.=


Let us also inform you about the activities that may be done in the regi=

We may arrange your=C2=A0balloon=C2=A0flights=C2=A0which is absolutely t=
he highlight of the regional activities. There are many other balloon co=
mpanies with different prices in the region we are working with reliest =
and safest companies. 1 hour flight price is starting from =C2=A0260=
=E2=82=AC per person. The balloon flights are definitely the most important=
activity in the region. To get to see the amazing formations from high =
above is really enchanting but they are done only early in the mornings.=
They pick you up from the reception around 04:00 am, then take you to t=
heir base office, while they=E2=80=99re serving=C2=A0you=C2=A0a breakfas=
t, they=E2=80=99ll=C2=A0be defining the safest points to take off due to=
wind & weather conditions. Then they take you=C2=A0to the point whe=
re you=E2=80=99ll start the balloon=C2=A0flight. After your flight they =
bring you=C2=A0back to the hotel around 08:00 am. We suggest that you ta=
ke your balloon flight on your first morning. If the weather is not good=
, they cancel the flights. So if you can=E2=80=99t make the flight on yo=
ur first day, you=E2=80=99d have a chance to do it the other day.=C2=

The region is really full of interesting & unique places. We suggest=
you do tours definitely with a guide because without a guide you wouldn=
=E2=80=99t be understanding how extraordinary shaped rocks have been for=
med by nature and how many civilizations survived for thousands of years=
. We recommend that you have tours for 2 days since there are many place=
s to see in the region. There are 2 destinations that you should do your=
tours to; one is regional, the other one is undergrouncity destination.=
=C2=A0We=E2=80=99re=C2=A0just telling you our suggestions but everything=
you want to do may be designed as you wish, if you have the private tou=
r. The private tour includes a car like Vito,a=C2=A0 private driver, a p=
rivate guide, museum entrances & autopark fees. The cost of one day =
guided private tours is=C2=A0=C2=A0275=E2=82=AC for 2, 300=E2=82=AC for =
3, 325=E2=82=AC for 4 people. If you want group tours, we may arrange th=
em as well. But please take note that the agency defines the type of tou=
r for each day.

Below you can find 2 different tour details of the Cappadocia region. Th=
ese tours can be arranged specifically for you or you can take group tou=
rs with guests from different hotels;

Daily Cappadocia Tour; Stop at Pigeon Valley to see pigeon houses on slo=
pes of valleys. Climb up the U=C3=A7hisar Castle. Stop at some panoramic=
points where you will catch of breathtaking scenery sipping th=
e offered traditional Turkish=C2=A0 coffeeEsentepe & skirts of U=C3=A7hisar Castle. Then, head to G=
=C3=B6reme Open Air Museum, awe-inspiring painted churches built by exile=
d Christians during the Roman era. You will have your Optional lunch=
at a very special restaurant where you taste local dishes. Short w=
alk to Zelve – Pa=C5=9Faba=C4=9F where you will find the most interestin=
g fairy chimneys and possible to see the first example of monk=E2=80=
=99s chapel. Visit to Avanos for for traditional handicraft as pottery manu=
facturing by Hittite technique and Tiles & Plates. Return to the hot=
el. 45=E2=82=AC per person.

Kaymakl=C4=B1 Underground City and Ihlara Valley Tour; take a start disc=
overing the highlights; Underground City (Kaymakl=C4=B1), the best examp=
le of the underground cities –Dwelling was started during the Hittit=
es ( 1800 BC) and became a big shelter for 12 different nations-
op at Nar G=C3=B6l (Crater Lake is the firmly proof of the region was th=
e volcanic area. There is hot spring water by the lake. The magnificent =
scenery attracts photographers). Arrive to Ihlara Valley=C2=A0 formed by=
the volcanic eruptions where the scenery is fascinating too and possibl=
e to visit rock cut churches with frescoes. After have a walk through th=
e valley ( 4 km. ), reach to Belis=C4=B1rma. Optional lunch at =
a riverside local restaurant in Belis=C4=B1rma. Visit the villages Yapra=
khisar and Selime, the surreal, ancient monastic site and several ro=
ck hewn churches
in. Depending on the time=C2=A0 visit to A=C4=9Fz=
=C4=B1 Karahan Caravansarai ( Oil station of Camels!!!).=C2=A0 Return=
to hotel.=C2=A0 45=E2=82=AC per person.


There=E2=80=99s a whirling dervish show everyday at 6 & 9 pm. It=
=E2=80=99s done in an authentic caravanserai which is a little out of Avano=
s(30 km far from our hotel).It takes around half an hour with taxi. The =
Dervish Show price is 25=E2=82=AC per person. The Show lasts around 45 m=
inutes. According to your decision, we=E2=80=99ll make a reservation.


You can ride an ATV (quad bike) on your own, following a guide on an ATV=
who will lead you to see the most attractive and spectacular rock-cut v=
alleys of Cappadocia.

You will have the chance to have a differ=
ent and memorable sightseeing experience, as you will ride between those=
different hills, beautiful valleys and dunes with your friends.=C2=A0
1 Hour ATV ride=C2=A0: Depart from Goreme, Cavusin(off-road), Gi=
rls Monastery, Red Valley, Swords Valley. 150 TL
2 hour ATV ride=
=C2=A0: Depart from Goreme, Cavusin(off-road), Girls Monastery, Red Valley,=
Swords Valley, Love Valley. 225 TL=C2=A0



Ebru is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns. =
The patterns are the result of color floated on plain water and then car=
efully transferred to a sheet of paper (or other surfaces such as fabric=
). Ebru Painting Gallerie is just 5 minutes walking distance to our hote=
l. Price is 50=E2=82=AC per person for this events.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.=C2=A0We=E2=
=80=99d be happy to help.

Kind Regards,

M=C3=BCr=C3=BCvvet =C3=96ZKILI=C3=87(Ms.)=C2=A0

Otel M=C3=BCd=C3=BCr=C3=BC |Hotel Manager=C2=A0

Maze of Cappadocia Hotel | Cappadocia | Turkey=C2=A0

Tel=C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 : +90 384 219 26 10=C2=A0

Gsm =C2=A0 =C2=A0 : +90 543 901 06 46

Email=C2=A0 =C2=A0 :

Adres =C2=A0 : Tekelli Mah. Z=C3=BCmr=C3=BC Hoca Sok. No:3 U=

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We just =
booked our stay for Monday October 21 through Thursday October 24 and ar=
e so excited to meet you and visit Cappadocia.
We arrive at NAV at 14:00– do you off=
er airport pick-up, and if so, how much do you charge=3F We also wondere=
d if you would
booking a hot air ball=
on in advance, and have a recommended company=3F


Adelia & Ian



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